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This is an unadopted draft version which should not be taken as an expression of official policy. Until it is adopted, use common sense and contact us if you have questions. After it has been revised and adopted, use common sense and contact us if you have questions.

Being able to start and collaborate on projects on regular basis is one of the perks of becoming a member of Jigsaw Renaissance. When you become a member or join daVinci, our email list, you'll also receive weekly events reminder.

Attending events at Jigsaw is also a great way to enjoy our space and meet our community. If you're interested in events further on the horizon than one week, the Jigsaw blog and calendar are good resources to track.

The space is kept open by volunteers during events and for open hours throughout the week. We are usually open on weekdays from noon till 6 PM.

Email us to schedule a time to come by and visit or track @JigTwitch on Twitter to see when we're open or closed.

Check out the current projects list.


Research Your Project

You would think this would go without saying but may be surprised. Search out others either on-line or in person whom have done (or are doing) what you want to do. You can just read up on theirs success and failures, or actively engage them depending on your style.

Organizing and Promoting the Project

Scheduling Your Project

When you want to schedule your projects, please check the blog and calendar for non-conflicty goodness.

Financial Considerations

Characteristics of a Good Project

Here are some pointers on how to launch a successful project, whether it's a dance performance or a shoe line:

  • Have Passion
  • Be Personal
  • Set a Tight Deadline
  • Be Realistic
  • Give Updates

(adapted from Wired Magazine article, "How to Get Started on Kickstarter", April 2011, page 113)

Jigsaw Policies

Other ways to participate

It takes $137 a day to run Jigsaw Renaissance

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Preferred Formatting for Projects Pages

[[File:File.png|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]
{| class=infobox width=300px
| colspan="2" align="center" |''Title of your project''
|'''Next meeting:'''||When is the next meeting
|'''Project lead:'''||Who is the lead
|'''Skills needed:'''||What skills needed
|'''Parent projects:'''||Is this project a sub-project of other projects
|'''Child projects:'''||Does it have sub-projects
== Participants/Interested Parties ==

== Synopsis ==

==Parts List==

==Resources to Acquire==

==Potential Finds==


==Next Steps==



== See Also ==

===Other ways to participate===
{{Pitch In}}

===More Info===


[[Category:Projects]] [[Category:Events]]

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