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Community Evangelist: Public Relations as Community Building. Role currently held by [User:Strand Strand]


  • Leadership
    • Lead a team of members in ensuring that public relation and community building tasks are being addressed.
  • Awareness
    • Be aware of events at the space to provide information to all relevant parties
    • Actively promote the space to internal and external audiences
    • Maintain the online calendar
  • Internal Marketing
    • Promote Individual Events
    • Create Weekly Events Email
  • Outreach
    • Makerspaces/Hackerspaces/Co-working spaces
    • Cooperatives
    • Small groups with a need for space (DIYBio)
    • Individuals
  • Program Building
    • Create models for teaching, collaborating, learning, making, and connecting with others at the space.
    • Ensure that the calendar of events is filled with events mixing weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events.
  • Media
    • Build relationships with organizations and individuals in traditional and non-traditional media outlets.
    • Create materials for online distribution which promote the space.
    • Create and distribute press releases
  • Metrics
    • Create measures of effectiveness for retention of members, connections with participants, and media promotions.
  • Communications
    • Ensure that members are aware of the various channels of communication
  • Engagement
    • Engage members in our community with regular flagstone events
      • The first flagstone is an orientation which includes the creation of physical and digital selves.
      • Other flagstones may include games, parties, and social events which ask of members, "Who are you?"

Responsibilities to other board members

The Community Evangelist is responsible to every member of the board. They are responsible to:

  • the Director in that they must consult regularly with her to ensure that they are promoting Jigsaw well and creating compelling programming.
  • the Executive Officer in that they must work with him to ensure that Jigsaw remains a safe place for all its members.
  • the Treasurer in that they must coordinate together to ensure the continued financial health of Jigsaw.
  • the Secretary in that they must coordinate to ensure that internal documents are up to date and accurate.
  • the Technical Officer in that they must coordinate web efforts to promote the space.
  • the Facility in that they are both committed to maintaining a clean and comfortable space for the community to use.
  • the Member at Large in that they are both concerned with any members general concerns.


Make at least three unique media contacts a month.

Bring Jigsaw to 80 or more points by end of year 2010, as defined by the following metrics:

  • Tally each general member and count them as 1/3 of a point.
  • Tally each starving and household member and count them as 1 point.
  • Tally each keyed member and count them as 2 points.
  • Tally each desk member and count them as 4 points.
  • Tally the average monthly donations over Q4 2011, divide the dollar amount by 50 dollars, rounded down, and count this as whatever number of points.
Note: this is very similar to the Variable Member Dues points system, however, it also measures the monthly donations given to Jigsaw.

ex: In December 2010 we might have 42 general members, 11 starving members, 15 keyed members, 6 desk members, and 524$/mo in donations during Q4. When tallied this would indicate 14 pts + 11 pts + 30 pts + 24 pts + 10 pts = 89 pts. As This metric is above 80 it would indicate the Community Evangelist performance is more than satisfactory.

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