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Jigsaw needs bylaws. Noisebridge's bylaws suggest many topics our bylaws should cover. Bylaws should cover the following issues:

  • Purpose
  • Definition of a member
    • How does one become a member?
    • What does this mean for them (duties and privileges)
    • Suspension or termination of membership
  • Board
    • onboarding
    • duties
    • off boarding
  • the form and frequency of meetings
  • the cooperative nature of our organization... And it's at this point that I Googled "cooperative bylaws and found some generic bylaw examples for cooperatives:
  • Use of space
    • cleanliness
    • orphaned projects
      • long term
      • short term
    • desk space
    • sleep
    • alcohol
  • keys
    • getting a key
    • loaning a key
    • returning a key
    • you lose your key if...
  • voting process
    • quorum
    • what is a majority?
    • blocking - you cannot block unless you have a better option you're willing to impliment

See also

Expedited Board Approval - what to do if we don't have a bylaw to guide us

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