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Any help on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Please do as much research as you can before contacting me with questions. Much love, and thanks.


  • Membership software - needs to be pushed live
    • current dues updated
    • information imported - Kav
    • linked to people
    • find people to write scripts and give deadlines, make sure it's kept up with:
      • automatically update "good 'til"
      • tie to RFID validity (not up to date? can't get in)
      • send reminders
      • help people set up autopay
  • Structure Membership for new space - set meeting time and expectations : New Membership Structure


  • find a solid marketing team
    • figure out a way to pay them
  • write entry about trip to range
  • find more places to speak to bring in new members
  • find a new blogging scholarshiped person for writing to Steampunk Workshop
  • trifold
    • proof
    • find designer
    • print


  • Get Noah or someone else to do the cookie cutters from Kickstarter a year ago
  • print out, fill out, send donation thanks letters
  • build Prezi about what we're about
  • where is the Bookscanner project?
  • order parts for the Multi Touch Table as per Danny's email
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