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Wise.Cricket, an Android wannabe and a H+ enthusiast



Hi there... First of all, thank you for reading my wiki. A little bit about me:

I am a startup addict, and after getting laid off on February 2011, I'm finally my own boss again.

Even before I came here from Indonesia, I've fallen in love with the beauty of Pacific Northwest and its culture.

Education and traveling around the world are my passion. I love interacting with people from all over the world with various backgrounds.

By joining Transhumanist discussion group at Jigsaw, I would like to be enlightened spiritually, mentally, and physically, so I could get better perspective and tips on how to become successful human being.

I will channel positive energy and love to this community, so let's take the time to relax, enjoy life, and celebrate our time together on earth.

Contact Info


  • Programming (C, C++, Java)
  • Computational Manufacturing (CAD/CAM–AutoCAD, Visio)
  • Embedded Logic Circuit (Arduino, VHDL–Verilog, WinCUPL)
  • Integration in Internet (XML, PHP, Sybase, Oracle SQL 8i, Sybase PowerDesigner 8, Access, DHTML, Java Script)
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Reliability in Engineering Design
  • Digital Circuits and Systems
  • Human Factors in Design
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Operation Research/ Optimization
  • Advance Technical Writing
  • Simulation using Arena Software

Current Projects

Upcoming Projects


Past Projects

  • Global Outsourcing Consultant
  • Newspaper publisher
  • Industrial Engineering Consultant
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