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Hacker, maker of things.

Incurable (insufferable?) explainer.

I'm fortunate enough to do at my day job (for a variety of clients) the things I love to do on my own time (or vice versa).

That is: I design, create, and perfect smart gadgets. I do both electronics and firmware.

Among my current personal projects:

  • Quick-turn printed circuit board manufacturing/prototyping (using toner transfer techniques and HCl/H2O2 etchant) (done, need to demo at JR)
  • SMD soldering oven made from a Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven (which now has a SOLDER/PIZZA switch on the back) (done, also need to demo at JR)
  • Improvements to Ruby module for MODBUS communications
  • Bicycle headlamp for use with my SON hub dynamo that uses 3 high-brightness LEDs and a microcontroller circuit to handle battery charging and automatic LED switching (needs to have firmware finished)
  • Re-purposing the three new Puppy Tweets that I found at Goodwill
  • Ruby module for using the LabJack U3 USB data collection/control interface
  • Hacking the Cricut CNC cutting machine to be something more fun than a tool for scrapbooking (using either the libcutter library or replacing the firmware altogether using Freecut).
  • Combination case/amplifier/speaker/power management for acoustic/electric bass
  • Tiny one-channel EEG to USB interface
  • C (and C++) library for hierarchical state machines
  • Ruby version of the same library
  • Neurobiofeedback using the newly-available API for the Zeo EEG alarm clock to tune my brain while I'm awake
  • High-speed bus sniffer/capture device using Cortex-M3 and DMA (started to sniff the Zeo SPI data but now that the API is available I'm not so interested and am just using my BusPirate and my Versaloon for now).

Some of the stuff I've created or helped with at work:

  • Digital camera (Linux-based) for engine inspection
  • System to help technicians climb the 300-foot ladders inside wind towers
  • High-resolution underwater sonar system
  • Calculator for private pilots
  • Under-sink water filter for Latin America
  • FDA-approved over-the-counter acne treatment device
  • Biofeedback system to improve eyesight

Some of my (alas, too-static) web sites:, where I hope to blog about my projects, which contains a bunch of old stuff including text and photos about over 9000 miles of solo bicycle touring

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