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Recollections of SCoWs past (by Michael Park)

In reverse chronological order:

Older Reports:



(Report by Budi)

It was quite a turn out last night. We had 10 people show up! And Che came all the way from Whidbey Island. I forgot to ask if his bike could morph into a double occupant submarine. He is after all the father of Mech Warriors. Nice hanging out with you all. SCoW as always was an awesome and productive night.

Michael and Che, you're welcome to join our mailing list @da Vinci. Che and Rich we would like to hear more about your projects. Don't forget to blog about them.

The Chronicle:

  • Alan showed up first, and then the rest usual SCoW suspects, Michael Park, Danny Dunn, and Myself
  • We first were working on extending the range of wireless remote doorbell that Danny and Michael bought a couple days ago from Loews. JigBell??
  • Then Michael Hasse came by to work with me on the our beloved site. Michael Park was helping us as well.
  • Che was next to show up, and we drafted him right away to help us with the website.
  • Lawrence Leung and Laura came by, but they forgot to bring us some left over from their dinner :P Larry, please thank Laura for helping us with the logo design for the JigBell.
  • Rich Olson came by to check us out, and he shared his "Super SeeKReet" projects. I guess its no secret anymore that he builds cool stuff. Too bad he won't attach his 1 Amp hand held laser to his jet powered bicycle.
  • Bill Beaty and Danny hung out with us until the end.
  • After cleaning up, I finally left Inscape Builiding around 10.30 PM and got to eat the rest of my dinner (salmon spaghetti) at home around 11 PM.


Robin is starting to make a yarn monster. Danny, Lawrence, Budi, and Michael tried at various times to help disassemble the yarn winder, test the stepper motor, and explain some stepper motor theory. By the end of the evening the inner workings of the yarn winder had been exposed and the stepper motor was spinning. Concurrently, Joshua and Budi worked on migrating the JR blog to a new host donated by Ned. Ron dropped in and showed Michael an interesting presentation on viruses (the biological kind). Photos: [1]


Just Danny and me tonight. He explained how his pitch shifter works. Clever boy.


SCoW started with just Danny and me at first. I decided to work on my long-neglected gadgetina and actually managed to make a small amount of progress. Danny brought his multimeter, but no project. Travis arrived to do a little Fedora work. Alan and Brittney showed up. He got some more LEDs working tonight. She started on a knit bag. Danny had an interesting thought about using switch bounce to determine key velocity (this from seeing the gadgetina). No one expects it to work but everyone wants him to do the experiment. Danny also started making some homebrew probes for our "new" scope.


Budi helped me out by letting me try out my "intro to microcontrollers" tutorial on him. Budi also worked on a different approach to a multitouch surface. Alan got some RGB LEDs glowing. Brittney celebrated SCoW’s sewing and crafting heritage by knitting.


Budi, Alan W, Danny, and Rehana soldered IR LEDs together for the multitouch surface project. Meanwhile, Wim worked on the multitouch software. This apparently required much waving of arms in front of his webcam.


Not as many people for the second meeting but still a good turnout. Budi brought his Arduino but no power supply, so Danny cobbled together a 5V power supply out of junk in the space. Then Joshua helped with the software. Another Joshua did some coding on his prayer board project. Alan and Brittany soldered their RGB LED board. Michael did a little Processing programming.

Tonight, SCoW overlapped with Erin's juggling meetup so a few SCoW people took a break to toss some balls and rings with the jugglers.


Just a few impressions and photos from tonight's inaugural Soldering and Coding on Wednesdays meeting.

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge group was still finishing up at 7 as SCoW started. Most of them stayed for SCoW. We had about seven people to start with; four more people dropped in as the evening progressed. One of the drop-ins brought a project she was working on, an illuminated pendant. She needed some advice about LEDs and power sources. Several people offered suggestions.

Someone else had a board he wanted to solder. Unfortunately, the only solder we could find in the space was not fine enough. I'll do an inventory of soldering supplies and purchase additional stuff for next time.

Meanwhile, several conversations were going on concurrently. We were basically all seated around one large table, which was good for promoting a sense of unity, but I thought it made things a little too cacophonous. Next time I'll set up separate tables so people can group themselves according to their interests.

There was some talk of a group project, the half-promised Makerbot being one. I'm all for group projects; I'm also all for solo projects. I think of SCoW as just a time and a place. How people organize themselves during SCoW is up to them.

Something I neglected was to do a membership/donation pitch to all the non-JR people. I'll try to remember next time.

Overall I think SCoW is off to a good start, even though no soldering and very little coding was accomplished. I hope we have as good attendance next week, and that more people bring actual projects to work on.

Note: On April 6, Dorkbot will take over the space, so no SCoW that night. SCoW folks should still consider coming though, as it'll be Dorkbot's annual Kit Night.

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