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Jigsaw Renaissance is experimenting with property tags, as done in the Hackerspace.

We used the design done by ChristopherOdegard [1], with changes by Ned Konz to make them JR-specific.

The Tickets
A preliminary state transition diagram describing the use of the tickets

See the Hack Factory web site at [2] for more details.

Intellectual Rights to this Material

The original design, both art and text content, was created in September 2011 by Christopher Odegard for use by Twin Cities Maker at their Hack Factory facility. This material is protected by a copyleft policy that stipulates this material may be used by other organizations or individuals only when acknowledgement for the source of the material is given, and that it must be implemented free of charge, with no direct financial profit made from its use.

Ned Konz of Jigsaw Renaissance created the Inkscape version and customized the text for Jigsaw Renaissance. This material is similarly licensed.

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