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I've heard the question asked: "what can people at Jigsaw do to support the organization?" It's tough to ask members to pay higher rates, especially as so many are struggling financially. Asking for donations is a great way to gather much-needed income, but meaningful fund raising requires a considerable amount of work. This can compete for attention with the core mission and dilute organizational focus.

How about asking for time? There are things at Jigsaw that need attention on both a regular and project-oriented basis. And many people who aren't in good financial shape are in a great position to contribute hours each month.

We need more ways of bringing members together. Regular participation helps people to feel emotionally invested in Jigsaw. Member interaction provides a means for building individual identity and gives a personality to Jigsaw as a whole. The structure suggested is chosen to be easy to understand and allow people to find a purchase in the organization. This is about building a feeling of ownership and involvement.

The mission of Jigsaw is furthered by encouraging creative activities and forming a support structure for people who are actively engaged in making. For those who do not have a creative project, there is a means to engage with Jigsaw. This is an opportunity to have a place and responsibilities for everyone who walks through the door. It also supports the core mission by encouraging regular interaction with people who are making.

There is more to this than merely the social aspect. Jigsaw has current needs and this proposal is intended to help address those needs. These are not intended to be contrivances, but vehicles taking us in necessary directions and enhancing the community that Jigsaw is all about.


Proposals to the Jigsaw Board

Proposal #1: Rotae

A number of work departments are created. The Director is asked to designate a chair for each.

These are to include the following Core Rotae:

Blogging Rota

Meets regularly to document projects that occur within the space. Charged with both the direct composition and publication of blog entries, as well as assisting members who request to do their own blogging. This rota also has an editorial staff with final say over what ends up on the main Jigsaw blog. Assist the Promotions Rota with online promotions. Brekyirihunuade. Ikenga.

Events Rota

Maintains the Jigsaw events calendar, is the point of contact for event organizers, and is responsible for ensuring the availability and suitability of the space for events. Also is the go-to group for Jigsaw internal events. Comus. Yajnasya Devam.

Promotions Rota

Gets the word out about Jigsaw, responsible for ensuring the Events Calendar is communicated both online and offline. Designs, composes, and maintains Jigsaw's supply of flyers, cards, and other propaganda. Zelus. Gor.

Community Relations Rota

Keeps up communication between Jigsaw and other organizations in the community. This includes other maker/hacker spaces, non-profits, clubs, government (mayor, council members, etc.). May assist blogging and promotions rotae in maintaining relations with press and bloggers. Mwari. Agwu.

Task list:

  • Monitor internet activity relating to Jigsaw Renaissance and thank those who portray those who speak of us in a positive light.
  • Identify governmental, non-profit, and local business allies, and work with them to grow Jigsaw Renaissance's community ties.
  • Attend formal events on behalf of Jigsaw.
  • Engage in conversations with outside organizations on behalf of Jigsaw.

Char Rota

Responsible for regular cleaning of common spaces, including the outside, front entrance, main room, back room and hallway, and bathroom. Also responsible for promulgating and enforcing rules for the maintenance of common spaces as well as member's personal belongings. Janus. Adroanzi.

Proposal #2: Time Contribution

To be considered in good standing, each Jigsaw member of any membership category is required to contribute four hours of time to Jigsaw each month.

Members are to spend their monthly time commitment under the direction of a rota charter. Rota chairs and chair delegates approve and record the time spent by members doing rota work.

Proposal #3: Probationary Status

New Jigsaw members are considered probationary until they are certified by the Director or Director's delegate as having served a minimum of two hours on each core rota.

Proposal #4: New Member Introduction

A written description of each existing rota, contact information for each chair, and an explanation of the monthly hours requirement is to be presented to new and prospective members. On a periodic basis, an introduction session is to be held. At this introduction rota chairs or delegates present information about their respective rotae, and the director or director's delegate gives general information about Jigsaw, reviews the introduction material, and welcomes new members to the organization.

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