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The Inscape Building seems to be our best bet at this point, based on what people have put effort towards and what has panned out. The main concern is of asbestos, which is being actively removed in a contained manner by the building management. The space we've requested be saved for us is on the first floor, near the main building entrance.


First Floor


  • super accessible to front door
  • potentially host the kitchen for the whole building - possible means of income, adds to community
  • could sublease portions of larger space to artists and expand when/if we need to


  • would have to wait on kitchen to be installed for building instead of at our accord
  • more management of more things

summation Would encourage a continuation in extroversion, involve much more of the building's community and the artistic community at large


  • Unit is around 1600sqft

Inscape1250.jpg Inscapefirstfloor.jpg

  • Number 112, methinks

Inscapestorage.jpg Slidy storage rack things in room - could keep or have removed

  • Shared performance area (dorkbot, movie night, etc)
    • square footage? Advance notice for scheduling? preferences or priority given during schedule conflicts?
    • will hold up to 70 audience members, structure of booking still being worked out, easy to have a say in how it gets set up
  • many artistic communities exist in the building, and could use Jigsaw as a gathering place/Jigsaw could potentially use equipment of other communities
    • which artistic communities?
    • see the unit links on their website. I know there are many photographers, SmashPutt, and a puppeteer at least
  • beautifully close to ID, to tastey food and fancy (but cheap) marketplaces
  • Shared bathrooms are maintained by?
    • the building management (so, mostly Sam)

Specific Space

First Floor w Room Number.png

110,112,114. the square footage is 2189. Sorry I don't have the outlets marked
When we first talked, $1.20 was the price per square foot. Now it is up to $1.35
I think the kitchen idea right now is not developed enough on our end to give you assurance that we could do a communal space, so I would plan your space to include it.

Negotiations with Sam at Inscape

Moving Party

Move check list


  • walkability (1.2 miles) from current location
  • active effort to remove asbestos

Robin's Feedback

I feel like I've been a voice against moving toward the international district or in general out of First/Cap Hill neighborhoods.

I would 100% support Jigsaw moving to the Inscape building after having toured it on Friday. Here are some reasons:

  • Very transit friendly. Less than 4 blocks from light rail, within 5 blocks of 40+ bus routes, close to freeway for those who drive, better access to parking for those who drive. No significant hills between transit stops and location of building.
  • More space for less money.
  • Is in the 'redeveloped'/business improvement district part of ID...
    • I did not observe many people who appeared to be undomiciled, actively under the influence, and/or in transit to and from the methadone clinic.
    • My perceptions of safety were okay. I may feel differently visiting late at night. However, feel ok about the building security and exterior lighting.
  • Our walk in traffic will be more targeted. We lose the storefront walk ins, but we gain the added bonus of Inscape open houses and visitors to the building, potentially with its own artwalk or part of a larger artwalk.
  • We are part of a larger community of artists, makers, etc. Building owner expects 120 tenants in 100 spaces. He also runs the arts building on Western in Pioneer Square and expects some of those folks to come over.
  • Building owner is not corporate. He supports the development of maker/arts spaces.
    • Building owner has 12+ years running the Western building and so knows what he is doing
  • We could be the hub or drop in or coffee shop for other people in the building.
  • The building has a cool, creepy old basement with holding cells still intact.
    • It's possible to drive a motorcycle and/or small vehicle in to the basement and all around.
    • Fully functioning freight elevator and passenger elevator.
    • Physically accessible building and restrooms already exist.
  • Strong possibilities for tool sharing and having access to people who weld and or play with fire.
  • 2nd floor deck, south facing, perfect for growing food. Also has a basketball hoop.
  • Dedicated black box theater/screening room with light grid and no fixed seating appropriate for Dork Bot and larger meetings so more of our space could be devoted to workstations (probably would be a separate rental charge).
  • Thus more room for desks and increased desk memberships.
  • Potential to sublet desks and/or entice members of the Western building to have a small space with us instead of on their own.
  • Apparently excellent food shopping at Uwajimaya and Pacific Food Importers (ask Ben about their selection of feta cheeses).

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