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Ben: grab scale from existing system. Have lvls 1-20.. quickly level up with small tasks, then it gets difficult

As people level up, they get personality upgrades or something. "I'm now charming"

Doug: Masonic rituals or rites; all the iconography is about builders. Bricklayer's skirt and all that. They have levels.

Willow: some people have teased Jigsaw as being kind of culty, let's just embrace it and run with it.

Robin (added 2/9): I'm not a gamer, so I don't really care about the levels thing. However, I would be totally down with merit badges.

Larry James (3/34/10): Initially it should be fairly simple to test the mechanics and implementation. however it can easily grow into something much bigger than was initially imagined.


Things that're already built that we can implement==

  • Dibits
    • Dibspace.com is a free marketplace packed with incredible offers from merchants and everyday people who buy and sell with Dibits.
  • Real World thingy
  • sf0 - Collaborative Production Game with players, tasks, praxis, teams, and events.
  • Chore Wars


Points for:

There seem to be a few major categories of tasks that come up:


  • cleaning - dishes, trash, etc.
  • keeping the door open
  • etc


  • dues
  • bookkeeping
  • records
  • schedules

Event support

  • having the space open
  • playing host
  • higher attendance
    • by members
    • through marketing

Project support

  • project visibility
  • connecting people to projects
  • keeping projects going
  • helping projects get resources


  • building membership
  • building visibility & reputation
  • taking credit
  • capitalization

Other Potential Points

  • how much blood you shed during a project
  • destroying your project with your bare hands or creating another device for its destruction
  • documentation
    • reward increasing thoroughness / degree of interest to community
    • multiplier or multiple categories (photos, instructions, wiki page, etc.)
  • teaching others to do it
  • involving others in the project
  • trying a project beyond your usual comfort zone
    • bonus for completion, documentation, teaching, etc.
  • recruiting?


Suggested names for Levels:


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