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Theming The Space In General

This plan creates a structure in and around which creativity and chaos can be present without being overwhelming. It separates out the working space from the show space.

  • Pegboard all around the classroom and entrance area in one 3-foot high stripe. This is upon what art will hang
    • Measure room wall length
    • Purchase board
    • Purchase grey paint similar to shade of floor and ceiling
    • Paint peg board
    • Mount, with spacers, to the wall
  • Hang art and posters on the pegboard (not really anywhere else)
  • Paint walls in working room a robin's egg or light mustard to match Amazon boxes
    • Estimate wall square footage
    • Select pantone and run it by daVinci
    • Purchase enough paint and supplies
    • Throw a painting party. Take care with our floor and stuff!

Specific Areas


  • Robin


  • Ned

Computer Station

  • Alan
  • Lion


  • Rehana
  • Willow

Audio Visual

  • Alan
  • Kaleen


  • Budi
  • Amber


  • Joshua
  • Kaleen
  • Lion


==Curated By==

==Default State==
Take a picture of what it looks like when it's ideal.
Explain about how the area works.

What rules apply to stocking the area?

What happens if people want to use, borrow, etc?

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