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Want to know where you can help? Take a look at the pages below! Or make a page for something that doesn't have a home base yet.


Expand Our Horizons

Be Neighbourly

  • Connecting with street fair/farmers markets/events like Folklife to coordinate having a show-n-tell type table to increase our public visibility and member recruitment
  • Organizing School for the anti student
  • Inviting your families, friends, and next door neighbors to attend events

Make Good Impressions

Dress for Success

Stay Healthy

Add Healthy Nutritions to Your Diet

Body Exercise

  • Stretching Out Opportunities: General tidying
  • Fridge patrol - giving fridge contents a boot (preferably before they smell)
  • Dirty dish patrol - send dirty dishes to shower
  • Clutter patrol - banning Mr. Clutter from the premise
  • Taking our garbage/recycling
  • Taking the trash out of planters
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping front entrance

Mind Exercise

Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence

See Also

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