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We need to get some ad copy together for the desk memberships at Jigsaw. Here is my first draft; please revise as you see fit.

Jigsaw Renaissance is offering 6-foot desk/work spaces in the historic Inscape building of Seattle, beginning in July. Jigsaw Renaissance is a member-based, interdisciplinary community of life-long learners, makers, and teachers. Inscape is Seattle's largest arts and culture enclave. Our desk/work spaces go for $200 per month, or $150 if shared with another person. Availability is limited. For more information, please contact

  • the rental starts in July
  • contracts are in 3-month increments
  • first month down payment required to secure desk, otherwise put on first-come-first-served
  • being a member of Jigsaw means having a discount on classes, on renting space, etc
  • you can also get a key for a non-dedicated desk area for $100/mo
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