2010-04-06 Meeting

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  • date: 2010-04-06
  • time: 8p-10p
  • attending: Baron, James (via phone), Joshua, Kaleen, Lion, Ryan, Strand, Willow
  • audio:
  • summary:


  • Board overview

- Willow on overview of meeting, lists on boards (things to do, space improvement, membership drive) - Strand on finances, summation of where membership is at - Baron - door, bars, alarm system - Joshua on website updates, window stuff - Lion on media outlets (Mr Bunny), laptop use - Ryan on Insurance; renter's insurance; individuals should get commercial insurance (BOP)

  • What is Jigsaw?

- elevator pitch : "a learning and making cooperative" (community until we're a co-op) "a gathering space for making and learning" - stuff that's done in the space as examples of that - e-mail blurb : "we learn from each other, we make stuff, no one has disproportionate control"

  • Documents

- improvement - changing

  • Safe Space Agreement / Concerns

- art etc - member interaction - Kaleen's input - ability to have conversation

  • Scholarship

- amount, time - expected returns

  • Processes

- intro to space - greet EVERYONE - walk through space - waiver - safe space - member intake - silly hat? - Jigsaw piece - member outtake - tool use

  • Reciprocikey
  • Ad hocracy to co-op

- form a committee

  • Artillery
  • Maker
  • Grand Opening - Stranger
  • Science Fair at Grand Opening
  • Misc

- membership drive! start forum topic - other groups using our space - being comfortable in the space even if you don't have a "Big Project" - member profile on website, what Jigsaw means to them - need bylaws, actual documentations - legal council for paperwork, donations vs dues etc - Strand and James about donations - members have to be 18 or older (until more research is done) - after school programs - need more permissions - adult only events as well, hide that when not around - "will you cover that when kids are here?" - willingness to discuss - If you have issues, send it to Baron - conflict resolution class - scholarship discussion (different types), sponsorship (what does it mean to you?), written agreement

- Willow
- Kaleen

- what do they need to contribute? - Meeting for scholarship - Send dues-paying member update to list - update membership on website - when can people solidly be here? - "just jump in and help me - after you've signed a waiver" - volunteer insurance - waiver as one long sheet (sign, date, print) - VHS - Kaleen as agenda for next meeting - procedure for changing documents - need legal council

  • What needs to be done by our next meeting

- Kaleen will talk to neighbors about crime around us, outreach, jigsaw puzzle - Joshua will get us storefront stuff, start forum - Lion setting up gaming day, silent movie night - scheduling; cap hill blog - Ryan valuing stuff *set up meeting* - Willow gets bylaw examples (xo takes incident reports, can't vote on outtake), set up scholarships, plan Grand Opening - Baron on security and outreach - Strand - documentation and co-op crew, getting people to sign contracts

  • Priorities:

- security - advertising - Joshua, Lion, Kaleen, whomever else on a Mission Statement discussion - space improvement

See audio:

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